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Grills for every occasion

Fire up the grill, break out the burgers, and enjoy! broil-master® offers a great range of grills and accessories so that family and friends can grill delicious barbecue food, perfect for parties and lazy Sunday afternoons. Every broil-master® product is built to be easy to use, offering great performance. At we offer everything you need, from BBQ smokers for cooking mouthwatering smoked meat to handy sets of tongs and spits, and everything inbetween.

Broil-master® range

BBQ Gas Grill 5+1


Gas Grills from broil-master® are one of our most popular products, and are an efficient and easy way to get cooking. Operating with practically no smoke, and with models ranging from compact two-burners up to giants with six burners, a broil-master® gas grill is a great choice. Our models offer precise temperature control and the capacity for a wide range of cooking styles, so get grilling with family and friends this summer!

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Portable BBQ


For grill fans on the go, we recommend the portable BBQs from broil-master®. These compact grills are robust and easy to transport, made of stainless steel and with a smoker hood meaning that they can do almost everything a larger grill. Boasting a surprising amount of space, these portable BBQs are the ideal companion for camping trips, festivals, and holidays, so get outdoors and enjoy delicious barbecue food wherever you go with a top quality portable grill from broil-master®.

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BBQ Smoker with two chambers

BBQ Smokers & Charcoal Grills

Whether you want to grill, cook, warm, bake, smoke, or sear, a BBQ smoker has you covered! Cook directly on the grill rack, or shut the lid and use indirect grilling to slowly and gently cook your meat to perfection, and enjoy the tantalising taste of smoked meat. With the BBQ smoker from broil-master ®, you can fill your summer with real flavour. A broil-master ® charcoal grill is another classic way to get that tangy, Deep-South barbecue flavour, with an inbuilt hood which lets you cook meat your way. Fire up the grill for a delicious family feast with a charcoal grill from FF Europe!

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What can you prepair with broil-master®


To get the most out of a barbecue, every grill-master needs the right tools, which is why broil-master® offers a vast range of BBQ accessories. Tongs, spatulas, hamburger presses, automatic spits, rain covers and more, all made of quality materials and to high standards, are available individually or as part of our great value sets.

Burger press broil-master burger
Rotisserie Spit broil-master chicken
Spit broil-master mix-meat
mixed meat
Pot broil-master pasta
Pizza Tray broil-master pizza
Hand Toaster broil-master sandwich
Barbecue Fork broil-master sausage

About Broil-master®

Since 2010, broil-master® has been producing effective and easy-to-use BBQs, gas grills, and smokers. Thanks to our extensive range of barbecues and barbecue accessories, all you have to bring to the party is the food, so tuck in to delicious steaks, sausages, vegetable shish-kebabs and more with your own broil-master® grill from, available to order online.

Broil-master® vision

broil-master® products are designed with one aim in mind – to make it easy for everyone to barbecue! We make sure that all of our grills and smokers meet three core qualities. Firstly, they must be easy to use. Second, they must be capable of producing delicious food. Finally, they must meet the highest safety standards. Our goal is to offer the latest barbecue technology at great prices, so that everyone from the enthusiastic amateur to the experienced grill cook can find their ideal barbecue in the broil-master® range.

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